Sunday, December 26, 2010

FAll SeMesTer 2010

This is all the work I did over this past Semester. I didnt put them in order, but if I had you'd probably be able to tell what was done before what.... I still have problems with color.. but I did improve slightly...

This is a study for the painting below: this was the first idea
This is a character study for the painting below.
This is the finished painting, I am very unhappy with it, but it was a learning process!

These are figure studies: some in pencil, some with pencil and acrylic.

This was for our "cinderella assignment". We had to redefine it. This is Russian cinderella. The first one is after, the second is before.

These are figure studies. Done with pencil and acrylic.

This was for a "inside/out assignment" titled: broken promise at graduation

This piece was for a 'made-up job' assignment. The job being a cashier at a snack shack at a zoo.

This painting was for a 'Hat' Assignment. It has some hidden messages.
This painting is a COPY of a Peter De Seve painting. I changed it around a bit, but it was a study to learn how to paint a bit better. It helped me a lot, but the composition and idea belongs to Peter De Seve.
This was for an assignment where we had to illustrate a Japanese fable. Its called Urushima, I decided to illustrate it in the Japanese Manga style.
This was for a 'Two People interacting". This is one of my favorites. There really isnt any color, its the under drawing thats holding it together.

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