Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Letter F

F is for Fast Flying Fox

(Flying Fox is a REAL animal, here's a picture of one- This one was really hard for me. He is not my favorite. I have never drawn a bat before so this was like take 5. To make matters worse I had actually finished it once and then right before putting in the background (my last and easiest step) Photoshop quit and I lost everything. I am glad I re-did just a day later though. Unfortunately I am going back to school in 3 days so my goal to finish the alphabet before that was not met. I did start taking a medicine that is supposed to fight my terrible fatigue that I have been experiencing lately so I am hoping that will give me more motivation to work on this. I am NOT giving up!! I am just taking it a bit slowly. However, whenever I go back to school I am always really inspired for like the first month so I am also banking on that. (excuses excuses- I know). This summer really was more successful than most in terms of the amount of art I've done so I haven't completely disappointed myself.

Anyways- Here is F. I think he is cute- not my best, but I like his goofy smile. :)


  1. He is exactly as he should - and perfect, as I saw a bat this morning while walking Lea.

  2. Oh wow!!! I haven't seen a bat since I was in middle school, there was one asleep low on a tree- very intriguing little guys. :)

    I miss Lea!