Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More... dogs....

I feel as though I am going a bit crazy! All I do is work now-a-days. I did get to take a 1 week haitus from Caricatures, but now its back to my full-time job at the studio and Caricatures and various Product Design work that I have to complete.

I adopted a puppy, which has made me feel very happy and more complete but at the same time having to take the puppy on a walk every hour on the hour makes it hard to really get some work done... After the Series I am working on at the studio is over, my contract is up.... Which means I will have some serious time on my hands to work on my portfolio, reach out to people I have been meaning to contact... And throw myself out there again! I think I like how this world works. A few months of a full-time job, a few months of freelance, and so on and so forth. Now that I have gotten my foot in the door in THE BEST ANIMATION STUDIO IN NYC, I have the confidence, determination, time management, and drive to move further and do more. :)

Here are more dogs.

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