Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Puppy Mill Awareness

I am supposed to be working on my Children's book portfolio however today I was rudely reminded of how ignorant some people are. I have met just far too many people who buy puppies from pet stores. I am so sick of it.... I created this image and gave everyone on the world free range to do with it what they will- post it on store windows, hand it out at protests, whatever! I can dream of a puppy mill free world....


  1. So sad. I know my local pet store gets all it's puppies from local breeders, and I like to think that many pet stores do it that way, but that's probably not the case :(

  2. They don't Anna. Its just what they tell you to make you feel better about buying from them. "Local breeders" means puppy mills or Backyard breeders. Real, Reputable breeders need to know where their puppies go. They do background checks and home visits before letting you take a member of their pack. No person who really cares for their pet sell them to a pet store.

    1. I wish we lived in a world where you could actually trust what people say >:(