Friday, June 21, 2013

It has been awhile...

I have not updated in a very long time! Some how it has just slipped my mind.. I have been really busy with my work through Bark Point Studio. For awhile I was searching for another job, trying to work on my children's book portfolio and applying for agents.. but I have put that all aside and decided to just work on what I am good at, which is animals and philanthropy.

My New Logo

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Postcard that I brought to ASTRA 2013

Pookie's Story- I wanted to do another piece about Puppy Mills.

Some great pictures some of my clients have sent me!

My business has been growing and I hope it continues to take me to new places, I was asked to be a judge and sponsor for American Dog Magazine's annual contest. My logo will be in their summer issue and I am super excited about that! I was also e-mailed by Pet World Insider to be interviewed on their radio show. I hope that works out because that would be amazing... I may not be exactly where I thought I'd be a year out of college but I am certainly much closer to having an Animal Rescue than I would have been if I had been doing what I thought I'd be doing. So I think I'm going to be okay. :)


  1. Sounds like you're exactly where you want to be! That's so awesome :)

  2. I am certainly close to it... strange how things change over time... I would still love to do Children's Books and work in Animation.. but maybe its not in the cards for me just right now... When you moving into the city so we can spend hours talking about a great new idea for an animated movie or go SEE great animated movies together again!? Ps: Monsters University pleasantly surprised me! :)