Thursday, May 8, 2014

Another Sketch_dailies and Hammer Cont'd

I have introduced a NEW style to my Bark Point Studio options. I am now taking commissions for Doggie Doodles-- they are $15.00 sketches like the image below. I did this because Bark Point Studio started at $20.00 per pet and $10.00 for every additional pet. It was exciting and the amount of work I got immediately, was shocking to me! However those prices were not sustainable.. For the amount of time and care I began putting into these commissions I had to raise my prices. For a "caricature", that I am now calling Illustrations, it is $49.00 per pet and it includes a Generic Background. (Clients can choose from 8 choices or pay an additional $15.00 to Personalize the Background with their own photos or ideas.) I wanted to be able to still appeal to an audience that doesn't want to spend more than $20.00 but can appreciate the look of a sketch. So I am loving the Doggie Doodles thus far!

I have now drawn my second @Sketch_Dailies ! The topic is #IronMan, so of course I drew Tony Bark, aka Jax dressed as Iron Man.

This below illustration has a PG-13/R reason behind its creation, but I actually think its my favorite thing I've done maybe ever. I feel like this little Corgi could be hanging out with Disney's Bolt. Its not an original style but I just love that I captured the disney look and had a blast doing it.

Hammer Spreads continued! Only 4 more spreads to go and I will have completed my first Children's Book. 

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