Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wilson Tries New Foods & BPRA

I started a WebComic in my free time. Its called Bark Point Rescue Alliance. Each week the 'mission' is to help a cat or dog that has been waiting for their home for far too long. I have asked Rescues and Shelters-- and friends of Rescue-- to nominate real pets to be spotlighted. I have done 3 so far, and 1 has been adopted since! I am hoping this webcomic will take off and that people will be lining up to adopt a BPRA pet! I can dream big, can't I?

I also started working on my next book, Wilson Tries New Foods. I am really liking working in a new style! I have finished 6 pages so far and its going to be a fun book. Its very educational and it rhymes, which I LOVE. All kids need to learn how to eat healthy in a fun way~!

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