Friday, January 20, 2012

Last Semester

So my final semester at Syracuse University has begun. Below is mostly things I did over the Holiday Break. Except the below painting was something I did my sophomore year but never uploaded. Its a water color of Kiba, its simple and very colorful- things I have hard time achieving still to this day.

The painting above is a commission I received over break. He's harlequin Great Dane. The moose image is for my sister for her birthday. She has a thing for moose.

The painting below I did last March. It's still in a bit of bad taste, but I figured its been long enough to upload it at this point. This was based off an article about Steve Jobs visit to a hospital and how people were worried what would come of Apple without Jobs, unfortunately we now know. However, when I painted this he was okay and my iV joke may have been remotely funny... now, not so much.

This drawing is for my Million Things assignment. There are only 29 cats I believe, but its going to be tough to color it all!

The above is some Hunger Games fanart

The last three pages of sketches were done while I worked at my Mom's Toy Store over break. Of course it was the holiday season so it was quite busy. However, every once in awhile I got to draw some of the interesting folks who came in to buy some toys.

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