Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kiba & Pyewacket

I had to do a 'promotional piece' again this semester. I was having the hardest time figuring out what I wanted to do. I decided that I should do something with a lot of character, a bit of a story, and humorous- and I also wanted to enjoy doing it. The idea behind these promotional pieces is to send them off to potential clients, so if they like what's on your card they'll probably want you to do something for them that is similar to the image on the card. I think this is the epitome of the kind of work I want- animals interacting, characters, funny, and definitely geared towards a younger audience.

For those people who knew Pyewacket, he was very fat, very loud, and loved torturing Kiba. He would nuzzle up to him and nibble on him on a daily basis. Kiba was attacked by Pyewacket when he was a puppy and never dared mess with him again! Kiba remained terrified of Pyewacket for the rest of Pyepye's life- but he loved him. When Pyewacket died, Kiba was very distraught. I was not there during any of this because I was at school, but I was told that he howled and howled while my family buried Pyepye in the backyard. Dogs need packleaders, and Pyewacket was Kibas packleader in my absence. I miss my Pyewacket very much, I dont think I'll ever meet a cat as great as him ever again.