Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Momotaro- The Peach Boy

For my Narrative Illustration class this semester I am doing an interpretation of the Japanese Folk Tale, Momotaro. I had actually read this story when I was taking Japanese when I was in High School. I've certainly never been a fan of this story which is why I am changing it around quite a bit. The story follows a boy who was born from a Peach (Momotaro translates roughly to Peach Boy). I always found this to be very strange- so I've decided to focus completely on the journey of Peach Boy and the three animals who help him. They travel to Ogre Island to defeat the ogres. My peach boy will actually be based off my 14 year old brother. It will be very American oriented with subtle Japanese easter eggs planted here and there. These two are my interpretation of the Monkey and Pheasant that he befriends. My previous post is the Dog that helps Momotaro- who I obviously based off of Kiba (who is japanese!).


  1. We anxiously await more for this book! Love it so far!

  2. TJ is very excited to be a hipster portrayed by your fabulous illustrating talents!!