Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bye Bye Oreo's Killer!

Nathan Winograd said on July 27th 2012: 
Yesterday, I asked people to write the Chair of the ASPCA Board of Directors, asking for a more progressive replacement after the glorious announcement that Oreo's killer, Ed Sayres, will "step down" as President. His response? "Everyone at the ASPCA is extremely grateful to Ed for his immense contributions to the organization on behalf of our nation's animals. During his tenure, Ed has established the ASPCA as a leader in providing sheltering expertise, enforcing animal welfare laws, and rescuing and rehabilitating animal victims of cruelty. Under Ed's leadership, the organization's membership base has tripled to more than 1.2 million and our revenues have quadrupled to $148 million in 2011."

He might have duped the animal loving American public to enrich the ASPCA with heartbreaking commercials that prey on their emotions and the ASPCA Board might consider success based on how much money they raise, but there isn't a single No Kill advocate who believed that Sayres' tenure was anything but a tragic betrayal of New York City’s neediest animals, the animal protection community’s desire to save animals currently being killed throughout the State, and the lost potential to move this movement aggressively toward the achievement of a No Kill nation.

Remember this: Since Ed Sayres killed Oreo's Law and all subsequent attempts to mandate collaboration by making it illegal for NYS shelters to kill animals when qualified rescue groups are willing to save them, over 50,000 animals who had an immediate place to go have been needlessly slaughtered throughout the state--enough to fill every seat at Yankee stadium.

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