Tuesday, July 10, 2012


After a 2 year legal battle, Lennox the dog has but 3 hours left to live before Belfast City Council wrongfully kills him for 'looking like a pit bull'. Two years ago they took Lennox from his family in Belfast, Ireland and since then the world has pleaded for them to let him live and go home. Lennox never bit anyone, no one has ever complained about him at all. He did NOTHING wrong, except look like a pit bull. He is in fact an American Bulldog/Labrador mix as DNA confirms. Regardless, Belfast has refused offers from Cesar Milan (the Dog Whisperer) and Victoria Stillwell (star of the Animal Planet Show, It's Me or the Dog) and many other dog behaviorists and activists across the world to rehome Lennox. Politicians have even shown their disgust in Belfast's decision to wrongly kill this dog despite other available options. Thousands upon thousands of people are protesting and will refuse to ever visit Belfast. Almost 200,000 people signed the petition to allow Lennox to live and tonight the world cries, hopes, begs, and pleads for them to make the only humane, justifiable, and right decision- let Lennox Live.

Lennox is but ONE victim of Breed Specific Legislation. BSL claims more family pets than it does actual public threats. It is time to start blaming the DEED not the BREED. Its important to note that Lennox was/is a therapy dog for his little girl. Shame of Belfast. We Will Never Forget.

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