Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good Karma

I donate a lot of artwork (All of the following work). I hope that it helps whatever cause it is going towards, such as helping a homeless pet find a home, for a Rescue to sell and use the money to keep saving lives, for a 501(c)3 to auction off and for me to create a personalized gift for whoever bid the highest. Sometimes its for my mom and for my town. I hope that all this "free work" brings me some good luck... I feel as though I am just skating on thin ice right now. I am just making enough to survive in NYC right now, so much money goes towards rent and food I wonder if staying at home for a year might have been a good idea.. I know I would never have gotten the chance to work at Little Airplane Productions, to meet some of the people I've met, to have the experiences I've had.. I just always pictured "making it big" a year after college, which is probably unrealistic, but I wish there was just a road map to how to get a children's book published, how to work for groups Bad Rap, Stubby Dog, No Kill Advocacy Center, etc.

For now I will keep doing what I am doing and working on my portfolio, I do need to work harder and longer, I just need to find the strength, the motivation, and a stronger coffee.

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  1. There's a children's book art director I follow on twitter who said that if you do good work, you WILL get a job. Sometimes it takes a little while, but there is a place for everyone. So I'm not too worried about the future... we just have to keep at it and continue making good work, and eventually we'll end up where we need to be :)