Tuesday, November 11, 2014


*~• Sigh •~*

I am at a cross-roads of sorts at the moment. I am working on a Children's book, I have been doing some character Designs for Little Airplane Productions, all the while I of course have a huge influx of Bark Point Studio commissions. With the holidays coming everything seems magnified and I feel the stress of it falling over me like a blanket of snow. I have been trying really hard to sketch more, but the more I sketch the more I realize I don't know if I love the style of work I do on a regular basis. My drawings always have so much more life to them then my finished illustrations... I have had this problem my entire life. I suppose what I really want to do is have some time to work on my personal work and decide how to market that style instead of this cutex1000 stuff I do.... Hmm..

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