Sunday, April 29, 2012

R Is For Refined Raccoon!

So I have about two weeks left of my life here at Syracuse and its getting hard. I am spending half my time trying to finish all of my assignments and half my time making memories with my friends and crying about how its all coming to an end. I am very stressed out because I need to finish my work but I also feel as though I can't miss out on priceless times with my roommates anymore. I will finish the alphabet by Friday, but I still have so much more work... I hope I can get everything together in time.. I do not think I've ever had this much work before. Oy. (Wish me luck)


  1. In the pictures from my college graduation, I look like someone beat me up - my eyes were so red from crying about leaving my friends. But 35 years later, they are all STILL my friend. You are leaving Syracuse, but you will have these friends forever.

    1. I sure hope so! It looks like I may be getting an apartment in NYC with one of them, which would be terrific. Everyone always says, 'it goes by so quickly' but you never really listen until you have one month left. I plan on making the best of it-- and hopefully finishing all my work too! Haha.

  2. Oy! Haha! Good luck with all your work Morgan!