Monday, April 16, 2012

R.I.P Cisco

Well if you haven't heard about the innocent dog that was murdered by a cop in Austin TX, I am sure you will soon- the story has gone viral and will hopefully lead to change. Cisco was gunned down when a cop accidentally went to the wrong address after a call about a domestic disturbance. The owner was in the driveway- unarmed, when the cop pulled his gun and put it in his face. Cisco heard his owner in distress and came running and barking. As the 'cop' says "Get your Do----SHOT---g" he shoots before he can even finish the word 'dog'. The owner could not restrain his dog because he had a gun in face. His innocent Blue Heeler- who had never bitten or shown aggression towards a human in his life was dead before his feet.

I have been very distraught about this story ever since I found out about it last night. I have not been able to sleep or accomplish much school work. I hope Law Enforcement all over the country start to train their officers how to understand dog behavior and learn to use non-deadly force to protect themselves... This is the fourth story in 2 months that I am aware of of a cop killing innocent dogs in their own yards. I did a drawing of Ice less than a month ago who's fate was similar. I hope Cisco is the last dog I feel the need to draw like this....

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  1. Morgan, this is a wonderful tribute to Cisco, his owners would be touched by it's compassion. I love you and your heart that breaks for Cisco.